Why should I believe?

Why should I believe in anything, really? This is such a cynical time that just posing this question creates conflict. But, it is not something that can be easily dismissed, for obfuscation only leads to more confusion later in life. This is a fundamental query that all thoughtful people are subjected to. We are all exposed to the cruelty of existence. How can I make sense of the chaos? 

Our civilization is presently at an interesting crossroads. Attendance at most religious institutions is falling and the New Atheism is on the ascendant. (1) This does not mean, however, that we are not a seeking lot. What is missing is a key to an understanding of the cosmos — of the time that we occupy. Such emphasis has been placed on raw information and on the superficial magic of the physical self — think the Kardashians (2) –that we are either totally consumed by the Internet Age or we simply opt-out. Both positions do not produce the inner peace that each of us strives for. 

I should believe in something because hope is the elixir that drives human beings, I maintain. Therefore, I posit that each of us must answer three fundamental questions if we want to live prosperous and fulfilling lives: 

The first is who am I? To fully answer this inquiry, one should figuratively strip away the body. You are a raw essence, an unsullied human entity. There is no one like you. There never has been and there never will be. That said, you must work on yourself to polish your luster. You are a work in progress and, if you so desire, will continue to beautify until your mortal end.   

The second, what is my mission? This demands effort. Few of us know our true calling (3) when we are young. The best piece of advice comes from Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” (4) Get your notebook out and document each and every day. All answers truly lie within. The more you put an effort into your self-development, the more you will see the results. 

And finally, make peace with the passing of this reality, with the cessation of this life. Believe in something more than yourself — be it God, Gaia, or the Universe. You are immortal, whether that is in a reborn body, an immortal soul, or in your DNA. I believe your resolution to this question is an important one for your state of hope and your value as a unique being. Life is fickle, but I know there is, ultimately, justice in the world. It is achieved by answering these three questions.  

William Wordsworth (5) leaves us with a thought: The human mind is capable of excitement without the application of gross and violent stimulants, and he must have a very faint perception of its beauty and dignity who does not know this. 

A closing thought: It is important to calm yourself and realize that it is a very, very long life. You will have time to make your mistakes and enjoy your successes. Celebrate the adventure of your life. 

To sum up: This week, we spoke about believing in yourself and the benefits that strength brings to you.  

To be noted: From Ben Franklin (6) — Do not anticipate trouble or worry about what may never happen. Keep in the sunlight. 

Just for fun:  

For reflection:  

This week, on your quiet walk, please ponder why should I believe in something? 

Every day look for something magical and beautiful. 

Don’t be a wage slave – critical thinking is great! 

Quote:   It is an exciting life if you so decide. 





4) 5)




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