We live in an age of faith — what? This is a nonsensical statement! But wait, we do live in an age of faith — faith in technology, a belief that all will be fine in the future. But conversely, many have lost trust in society and espouse nihilism (1) and despair. The concept of faith, of course, historically has been associated with God or gods — something bigger than myself. This kind of faith was invigorating, and enlightening because it was evocative of an exciting and fulfilling reward after my earthly demise.

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What is real and what is not?

Do I understand reality? Yes, and I hope we all do. I am often amazed at how similar we actually are. There is very little that truly differentiates one man from another. Yes, we do have different cultural upbringings, different skin colors, and different religions. But, in the end, we are motivated by a deep desire to be loved, to be respected, and to make the world a slightly better place because we have been a part of it.

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How does one overcome frustration and vexation? This is the perennial question of our age — of any age, for that matter. We are taught in Western tradition to be loving, caring creatures, but we seemingly mostly fail. Why is this? Recorded history is replete with a plethora of tomes that promote tenderness and the understanding of our fellow man. Christ’s Sermon on the Mount, (1) for one, is a well-known moral guide. But when challenged, humanity does not pass the test of peace and respect. Is this just the way it is — we are just aggressive by nature? I hope not.

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Never give up on your dreams

This world is incessantly harsh with its creative folks. They are increasingly assailed and browbeaten into surrendering (getting a job) or, even worse, acquiescing into mediocrity. The artist is becoming irrelevant. The brave few, however, do soldier on. And, our society needs them. At their best, their most sublime, they represent who we are. They are a mirror to our brightest hopes, our greatest dreams, and, even, our deepest frustrations. 

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.