Time is a river that has no edges or boundaries. How then do we make sense of time during the lengthy passage of life? One of the major ways that we do this is through goal setting. We benchmark our life with a series of desires and, ultimately, achievements. In this way, we concertize the value of our existence and what is its mission. The idea behind the setting of goals, however, is a complex one.  

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The art of conversation

Many people have something to say, but few say something of any value. Hence why we must develop the art of intelligent conversion and not just be spouting drivel. Nonetheless, we love to talk, or at least we did till the advent of the Internet Age. Today, the average person is truly overwhelmed with noise, and sounds that resemble speech. Sources that appear to be utilizing conversation — the news, films, social media — are often talking just plain nonsense, offering little to no reflective value. The information that is washing over us seems to preclude contemplation. Thought, however, is essential if we are going to develop our intellect and contribute something to the corpus of human discourse.  

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How to become and stay motivated

To become and stay motivated, you need a new start. Life is a lot like a raging storm. In the distance, we see it coming, it builds and strengthens. But, by the time we can feel the rain on our face — from the moment we begin to experience the vicissitudes of life — our path is virtually decided. It requires all our powers of thoughtfulness and action to change what appears to be our predetermined path. Usually, we awake overly late to our personal quest — life circumstances having already pushed us excessively far in one direction. There is a belief that maintains it is never too late to get on your life track, always possible to find your meaning. I subscribe to this view. However, it is certainly much harder at 40 than it is at 20. By 40, you are normally married with children, have some debt, and have a certain type of employment.  

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Work for freedom

Have you ever noticed the ants in your garden? They never stop working and working — constantly checking and touching and smelling and probing. They undoubtedly demonstrate what the concept of labor truly means. They work for freedom, for food, and for their little society. In our culture, however, we have come to demonize the concept of toil. It is something that must be undertaken, much like any inane activity, just because everyone else does — but rather reluctantly. It is not thought of in the same vein as a pleasurable evening with friends and family or a trip abroad. It is work, after all.  

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You don’t have to ever grow old

Why do we get old? We don’t, it is quite literally up to me and my perception of the world, my state of consciousness. Most certainly, my body will age with time. I will physically advance in years. But the mind if I want will stay young, curious, and vibrant. For the youth of today, there will be no old age in the traditional sense. The conventional idea is that you are slowly worn out by work, like an old machine, you retire, have some fleeting moments of joy, and you die. Potentially, for the post-Millennials, due to modern medical advances, there will only be life and more life. This is the ideal, unfortunately. 

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.