Leon E. La Couvee

我的名字是Leon E. La Couvee,網站的創立人,生性樂觀的我注重實際。依我的出生地,我是加拿大人;依我的選擇,我是台灣人;依綜觀來說,我則是國際人。我的背景和大部分的人一樣豐富、多變,在我生長的那個年代旅行和各種嘗試都是不可或缺的,因此我在法國、波蘭、加拿大和美國接受教育,擁有廣泛的專業學位及文憑:哲學、教育、商業和英語,然而受的正規教育在我人生歷練中只是次要的。



My name is Leon E. La Couvee. I am the founder of dbawageslave.com. Optimism and, yet at the same time, realism are my mantras. I am Canadian by birth, Taiwanese by choice and an internationalist by conviction. My background, as with most people, is quite varied. I grew up at a time when travel and experimentation were “de riguer.” Thus, I was educated in France, Poland, Canada and the United States. I hold degrees and diplomas in a wide range of disciplines: philosophy, education, business, and English. All of this formal education, however, is incidental to my life experience.

I was born in a very small industrial village on the west coast of Vancouver Island: I felt deeply out of place. In our small hamlet, by chance, there was a man who owned a bookstore. He introduced me to the world that I could not imagine — a world of infinite knowledge and wisdom. In spite of this exposure, I quickly realized that these gifts could not be so easily accessed. I then embarqued on a course of study that took me back to my grandparents’ roots: France and Poland. In the years that I studied in Europe, I was overwhelmed by just how much there was to learn: with only a lifetime to do it in. (I feel that I totally identify with young people who are inundated by the knowledge that exists, the world of the Internet. My only counsel is do not be afraid, just open your life door and things will happen). At this point in my life, I promised myself that I would be a lifetime learner (LL). Later in Canada and the US I continued my studies in philosophy, English, education, and business.

I came to Taiwan, quite by chance, to visit one of my sons who was studying Mandarin at a university. I, quite literally, fell into the culture. I was struck by the basic decency and civility of the Taiwanese. I have now lived in Taiwan for over ten years. I am an educator and have been honored to be a part of the education of many, many people, both young and not so young. I believe that the Taiwanese truly give a hope for a kinder, gentler world. My work is focused on education and the freedom that should be associated with that education. This is my life’s work: I am dedicated to helping each person discover their true gifts.

To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially, is your birthright.