Leon E. La Couvée

My name is Leon E. La Couvée. I am a writer, speaker, and teacher. My interest lies in human freedom and contentment; I encourage people to reflect on their path to success — whatever that entails for each of us. How do we become fulfilled and what does this mean? To access this happiness, we must make an individual and life-long journey by utilizing critical thinking skills. This is not easy, I know this personally. To this end, eight years ago, we founded our site called Don’t be a wage slave – A Career is a must: dbawageslave.com. We motivate people to reflect on their life and their employment, and believe in the mantra: “Find a job that you love and you will never work again.”  

Every week, we write a column based on the themes of optimism and, yet at the same time, realism. I am Canadian by birth, Taiwanese by choice and an internationalist by conviction. My background, as with most people, is quite varied. I grew up at a time when travel and experimentation were “de riguer.” Thus, I was educated in France, Poland, Canada and the United States. I hold degrees and diplomas in a wide range of disciplines: philosophy, education, business, and English. All of this formal education, however, is incidental to my life experience.

As I aged, I was overwhelmed by just how much there was to learn: with only a lifetime to do it in. I totally identify with young people who are inundated by the knowledge that exists, the world of the Internet — information with no wisdom. My only counsel is, “Do not be afraid, just open your ‘life door’ – take some risks — and things will happen. Promise yourself that you will be a lifetime learner (LL). 

I came to Taiwan, quite by chance, to visit one of my sons who was studying Mandarin at university. I, quite literally, fell into the culture. I was struck by the basic decency and civility of the Taiwanese. I have been honored to be a part of the education of many, many people — both young and not so young. 

I believe that the Taiwanese, and all people, truly give hope to the concept of a kinder, gentler world. My work is focused on critical thinking and time, and the freedom that is associated with this kind of thinking. This is my life’s work: I am dedicated to helping each person discover their true gifts. Please subscribe to our website and channel, and help us grow this message. 

TEDxYouth in Taichung Municipal Taichung Girls Senior High School

September 18, 2022

To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.