A new beginning: the new year dawns

We are said to be flowing streams of consciousness, or are we? What reality do I really occupy other than the immediate moment, which itself is brief and fleeting? How do I find that elusive peace that all of us so desire? As the new year begins to set its course, we are all allowed to start with a clean slate — to have a new beginning. Our “whiteboard” need not be impregnated with anything that we don’t put there ourselves: pain, jealousy, envy or regret, to name but a few.

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Where do the lessons of life reside?

I am always reminded that often the real lessons of life lie in chance encounters or in simple situations. These occurrences present golden nuggets of wisdom that are dangled before our eyes. They must simply be grasped. We sadly often miss them, or at least I do. The great philosophers and sages do have eminent parables to relate and clever treatises to promulgate. The thoughts of the individuals “just getting through life” are often as profound, however.

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.