Bursting forth in song

Bursting forth in song

Have you ever just burst forth in song? Where did that come from, you may ask yourself. Undoubtedly, it is from an inner voice that many of us possess, trying to force some calm into the eternal world. (1) She is our friend and guide if we listen to her. If not, our darker side prevails driving us to ruin and the unrequited life.

Two paths are presented: On the one hand, there is the prisoner who believes his incarceration is a passing phenomenon. He will ultimately be freed and allowed to resume a normal and joyful life. The underlying tenet of his existence is personal liberty. The other is an individual, though replete with wealth and influence, who feels enslaved, unable to extricate himself from his web of obligations and constraints. Who, in reality, is the freer man, the physical or the mental prisoner?

The answer is self-evident. All men want to be truly free. How do I hear my sentinel? How do I find the mission that God has summoned me to complete in my lifetime? As with all journeys, I must begin at the beginning. I need to believe that my existence has value and then set forth to find what that meaning is. It is the questioning psyche that has so much significance at this point. The searching, and probing, and examining will induce a nudge in a certain direction and subsequently, you are off on a given path.

A walk in nature is a magical way to stimulate your inquisitiveness. Surrounded by the soft cooing and twittering of the birds, a person can feel embraced by the magic of life. It is as if a portal is opened to something larger than me. I am a droplet of water streaming into the universal consciousness of humanity.

The notebook is an essential part of any journey. Who is my teacher? The answer is the self. I am required to somehow learn to teach myself. Every day, a dialogue must be had and documented, then action ensues.

No life that is respected by me can be accomplished without risk. It is not some eternal situation that dictates how I ultimately feel. I must accept that pain and frustration are requisites of reality. But how I deal with them is of my own making. I am literally how I see the world.

Thus the next time you pass a person quietly murmuring to himself, realize that you have met a compatriot on the adventure to discover why he is here, the nature of his mission, and what happens when he leaves this reality. His song makes the journey precious and enduring. Martin Luther (2) leaves us with a thought: Beautiful music is the art of the prophets that can calm the agitations of the soul; it is one of the most magnificent and delightful presents God has given us.

A closing thought:  It is necessary to find a way that is calming. This is true for everyone. Ultimately the usage of all stimulants, depressants, bad relationships, and other such components will not bring us peace. I need to be clear, to be lucid, if I wish to have a real conversation with God, Gaia, or the Universe.  

To sum up: This week we spoke about our inner music.

To be noted: From Lao Tzu (3) — Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.  

Just for fun: 

For reflection: 

This week, on your meaningful walk, please ponder what your inner music means to you.

Every day look for something magical and beautiful.

Don’t be a wage slave – critical thinking is great!


Quote:   Sing to be free and find your own reality


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