We exist for a reason

We exist for a reason

We are here for a reason — to complete our mission, whatever that may be. I believe this very strongly. What this journey is can only be discovered, by the self, through prayer and reflection. Think of the catastrophes in your life that could have altered everything and changed where you are now, but they didn’t happen.

A long time ago, my little village was the third wealthiest fishing port in British Columbia, relative to the amount of fish processed. To fuel this enormous fleet, there were oil storage tanks whose pipeline infrastructure descended a hill to the harbor. (1) A slight space was constructed between each pipe to allow for expansion. This may sound foolish today, but as children, we used this structure as a footpath.

One particular day, I was playing with my two best friends running up and down the pipeline. My parents, as all parents do, had warned me that this could be dangerous, as the slight spaces between the pipes could entrap you. This caution, of course, was ignored.

Their warnings had value, however, the separation between each conduit was just wide enough to let your body tumble through the crack but not your head. I was running when I slipped and fell between the pipes. Only my skull was caught. I was tantalizing close to the ground but I could not reach it. I slowly began to strangle. Just as I was about to lose consciousness, my guardian angel, Mr. Robertson, arrived and lifted me up. Thus my life has continued to this day.

When I was 35 years old I was in private business. Our part of Canada was devoid of people, so movement was facilitated through air travel. This was long before 9/11: you literally arrived at the airport, checked your luggage in, had a Scotch if the weather was frightening and inclement, and got on the plane. We were young, invincible, and immortal.

This evening, a Tuesday I believe, I was to fly to the island (Vancouver Island) with a man who worked for our firm, borrow his car, and visit my parents who lived close to his home. It was a brilliant summer’s day, very warm — the environment was perfect. Paul came to my office and said that it was time to leave. I made a last-minute decision that I had too much work to do to take the evening off to go and visit my mother and father. “Sorry, I have too much to do!” “Come on,” was his riposte. “There will always be work to do.” But, I insisted and he gave way, I was the boss, after all.

My mother phoned me early the next morning to check on my health. I was rather bemused by her questioning. I assured her that I was not only fine but excellent. Why? The plane returning from the island had crashed and my friend, along with everyone else, was dead! Why had I missed the flight? To this day I do not know. Obviously, I am here for a reason. My mission is not yet complete.

The great psychiatrist and thinker, Carl Jung, (2) leaves us with a thought: There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious. (Parts of this essay were first published in 2014)

A closing thought: This gift of life is to be treasured. I must simply answer these three questions: Why am I here? What is my mission? What happens when I die, when I transcend? And then get on with making my life the hero’s journey, to paraphrase Joseph Campbell. (3)

To sum up: This week, we spoke about discovering our mission.

To be noted: from Nietzsche — He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.

Just for fun: 

For reflection: 

This week on your peaceful stroll, please contemplate your own life mission. You must make it exciting and adventurous.

Every day look for something magical and beautiful.

Don’t be a wage slave – critical thinking is great!

Quote: Once you know that you know that you are self-reflective, you are cursed to be alive. Upon opening the portal to your inner self, you realize that it is an endless journey of enlightenment and self-discovery.  


Quote: Live your life in a state of wonder and imagination.


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