I want to live in the light

History, metaphorically, has been colored by the goodness of light. There is arguably a moral overtone in past events. (1) We would rather have a bright and sun-filled day than one infused with gloom and overcast. Many religious people believe that we will eventually be summoned into the light. (2) Why is luminescence so important to all of us? On a simple level, it gives energy to our earth and encourages growth — flourishing in all living things.  

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Let us go to the country

We take a short walk in an urban park and are quickly spirited away to another time and another place — an era, only imagined, that possesses a surfeit of flora and fauna. Nature in all her beauty beckons. There is something compelling about the bugs, the birds, and the bees — a sprig of grass and the rustling of trees. In the beginning, the natural environment was the park that mankind came to. This longing to be reconnected is deeply embedded in each of us.     

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