Where do the lessons of life reside?

I am always reminded that often the real lessons of life lie in chance encounters or in simple situations. These occurrences present golden nuggets of wisdom that are dangled before our eyes. They must simply be grasped. We sadly often miss them, or at least I do. The great philosophers and sages do have eminent parables to relate and clever treatises to promulgate. The thoughts of the individuals “just getting through life” are often as profound, however.

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Never give up on your dreams – never!

Where do dreams come from? They come from deep, deep inside of you and only you. They remain hidden down three flights of stairs, carried along a darkened corridor, and dropped down a plunging lift to your private world of imagination. I want to step into that world —  to float like a bird and soar to the heavens; to dive to the deepest trench in the seas and to communicate with all forms of life. 

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.