Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Don’t take yourself too seriously – this is good advice. You just need to have a good laugh. Recently on my way to church, — a relatively short distance – I saw three “fender benders,” three relatively minor traffic accidents: the value of the vehicles seeming to increase the ardor and animation of the participants – the more expensive, the angrier!

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Wake up, dress up, and show up

The other day, on my way to school, I passed a well-dressed man. What was remarkable about his attire was that he had obviously spent some time getting dressed. He was clean-shaven, his hair neatly combed, and his clothing tailored — fitting him correctly. He was walking in a tousle of poorly cloaked individuals. This had the effect of making him look even more remarkable.

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When you see an old man with “one foot in the grave,” playing some nonsensical game on his cell phone, do you think as I do? Do you ask why he isn’t deep in thought — ruminating on life or mortality — contemplating his legacy to his children and grandchildren? This thought doesn’t exist, I posit. He is practicing what the majority of human beings do all the time — some form of escapism.  

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I create my own fear, don’t I?

I often open my eyes in the morning accompanied by a startling thought: “I am awake, ergo, I must be alive – it is, therefore, another good day!” This is a jarring “reality check” because, at sixty-seven, more so than more tender years, you, quite literally, might not wake up. Books have been written on this greatest of all unknowns: death and its attendant fear and paranoia.

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.