Health is everything

Have you ever noticed that we are no longer a fit population? Many people are overweight with a bad complexion. This is mirrored by an even more negative and bitter mood. Life is viewed as hard by a disproportionate amount of individuals. This does not have to be so. But, for the most part, my health, both physically and psychologically, is in my hands. Why then would I not want to keep my body and mind healthy and holy? The answer: I don’t know that I can. A doctor said to me many years ago that the body is much like an old Mercedes Benz. Do the maintenance — change the oil, replace the headlights, rotate the tires and the car will run for over 500,000 kilometers.  

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It is a beautiful world

As I rush to my destination, I often overlook the beauty along the way. I am so focused on getting somewhere  — anywhere — that real life just neglects me. Our image of time, historically, is not a positive one, is it? With the pain, pestilence, and plague that exist in civilization, even today in modern society, it is often easy to bypass the truth — we live in a beautiful world, and it has always been so. Intricate and comely nature stands behind all reality. We all feel this when we take a walk in a verdant forest or a stroll along a windswept beach, I am sure. But my eyes must be open to the fact that my reality is filtered through my perception of existence. Love and hope are part of my personal commitment to the way I want to live, are they not?  

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Nurture your true essence

Wow, the new year is upon us. With this in mind, I would like to share some musings for the upcoming period. We live in truly narcissistic times, as has been experienced many times in history. (1) Images are omnipresent: we are asked to glorify the beautiful me as if it were an already completed project, as opposed to a work in progress. But what if I have a poor picture of the self, of myself? Can it not be ameliorated? The Internet is awash with completed portrayals of magnificent bodies or exquisite lifestyles. We are easily fooled into believing that our icons, our idols, have always been exceptional. They have invariably been special. This is just not true. Many times, they have simply been created by marketing gurus. (2) 

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How to stay positive: success through routine

When asked, many people respond that life is routine, it is boring. Tragically, this is certainly one meaning of the term. A more powerful and, potentially, more redeeming meaning of the phrase is an activity which, when practiced continually, leads to a state of excellence — expertise if you will. At the onset, it is true that we do need to be thoughtful and imaginative when it comes to discovering our true calling, our intrinsic skillset.  

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially is your birthright.