Time is on my side: yes, it is

When I opened my eyes this morning, I was sixty-five years old. Should I be shocked? I think not for it is, and has been, my time — a perception existing in my consciousness — for a very long period, at least since I awoke at 20 or so. It is the same for everyone, I believe.  

We all exist in time. Why then do some unfortunate beings, seemingly, suffer from time? I think it lies in our individual perception of what time is. If I believe that the present is but a droplet in a raging river running to the sea — inexorable and uncontrollable — a thrusting juggernaut into oblivion, it is. If in spite of this, though powerful, I believe it is a manageable phenomenon in partnership with me into immortality, it also is. The choice is my own.   

We often hear as children, “Life is short, so you must hurry.” But, as we know, anything done in haste is often poorly executed. It is only the thoughtfully created project or correctly analyzed emergency that is ultimately resolved. It must be the same with all human sentience. After we make our peace with God, Gaia, or the Universe, and acknowledge our own impermanence on this plane of existence, we can proceed to “get to work” on the proper development of life. This includes hours of meditation and reflection. We, unfortunately, have countless examples of individuals we refuse to see reality for it is — effort! I must put in some exertion to understand the world. I am obligated to comprehend the limits of my physical life and its transcendence.  

I recently spoke with some individuals about their plans for the upcoming year. The respondents fell fundamentally into two camps: The one optimistic and hopeful about the future with an “I can do it attitude,” the other more fatalistic and pessimistic, not seeing the possibilities emboldened by time itself. I once had an experience that changed my thinking. I visited an ashram in India and the guru said that I, ultimately, control the way I view time.  

If I awaken in the morning and have had bad dreams, or have forgotten to complete some task the previous day, daybreak begins under a black cloud. (1) I can, however, decide whether I want to further darken the gloom or decide to dissipate the vapor and permit a glint of sunshine to enter. Some days I allow the overcast to continue and thus I have a sad day. When I do this, nonetheless, I fully realize that I am doing this. 

However, there are days that I must be positive and optimistic. On these days I put the storm away and move into the light. Whatever I do with my corporeal time on this globe, it behooves me to realize that I organize my time and how I decide to spend it.  

We can feel no pity for the bitter old man or old woman who has wasted their time and live spiritually decadent lives. Maybe they are financially wealthy, but they have not spent their time well — hence the rancor. We must all simply remember that time is actually my friend, time is on my side. Earl Nightingale, (2) the famous motivational speaker and author leaves us with a thought: Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Don’t wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Think how really precious is the time you have to spend, whether it’s at work or with your family. Every minute should be enjoyed and savored. 

A closing thought: I often hear, “I am so busy” and the even more pernicious, “I am so tired,” or its friend, “I am bored.” To commit an act of social good, we must remind people that time is within their purview. A basic way to begin to gain control of reality is the notebook. Simply write down your thoughts every single day.  Remarkably, a new vista on life — your life — will open. Time is my friend, not my enemy.  

To sum up: This week we spoke about time and how it could be or should be managed.  

To be noted: From Benjamin Franklin (3) — Lost time is never found again. 

Just for fun: 

For reflection:  

This week on your introspective walk, please contemplate how you view time.  

Every day look for something magical and beautiful. 

Don’t be a wage slave – critical thinking is great! 

Quote: Magic awaits me every day. 


1) What is meant by the expression “having a black cloud hanging over my head”?

2) (LISTEN TO THIS EVERY DAY) Earl Nightingale – The Strangest Secret (FULL) – Patrick Tugwell

3) Documentary | Ben Franklin

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