The freedom of self-control

It was a distressing epoch. Then, a curious sense of peace came over me. Normally, I would have been quite perplexed for the situation called for a more anxious time. Why did I feel so calm? Recently, it finally “dawned on me” that I could truly be in command of my reality, my world. I had taken control of my body and literally willed it to calm down. I am sure you have been here. This is easy to say, but trying to put into practice.

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Hope in action

Recently, we spoke about hope. It is common knowledge that we must turn hope into reality. We can do this through prayer, through meditation and, the one I find to be the most practical – through action. Hope without action is neutered, naïve dreaming. It lacks the efficacy of the possible, the perhaps, “the what if” I could change the world – my world. But, specifically, what is the nexus of this desire, this yearning that I hear and read so much about? It is “au fond,” at its core, the belief that my life could get better.

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In the Gospel of John (11:1-44), Christ raises Lazarus from the dead. (1) In modern parlance, to be raised from the dead means to have your life “come back to you” after an economic or emotional collapse: in short, to figuratively be reborn. This is where you must truly respect yourself to find that inner strength. You have beaten all the odds, fought all the battles – been wounded – and yet are still able to return to the authentic self (2) – the unvarnished, unblemished person that you really are.

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We are all faced with this concept of justice. From virtually the first moment we can remember – our adolescent memories – we are exposed to the unfairness of life. Where is justice when some are smarter than others or better looking or richer? Quickly we realize that this is an idea that is difficult to define – especially when we live, seemingly, in such an unjust world. It is clearly not even fair how we begin our life journey. Why? That is the point: there is no “why.”

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Your future is waiting

Planning for the future is great fun. It is a lot like “window shopping” — especially for expensive clothing or exotic cars. You get the thrill and excitement of the virtual purchase without a sense of buyer’s remorse (1) at some later date. This, therefore, is the secret to a life well-lived: imagination. Live each and every day as if it were to be your last. Make peace with your God and loved ones. Expect nothing and anticipate everything, for it is just there in front of you. But, you can’t touch it because it isn’t real.

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To be free, spiritually, emotionally and financially, is your birthright.